Border Biennal • EL PASO TX USA + CD JUAREZ CH MX 2013 by WERC

It's with great pleasure to announce that "All in A Days Work" & "Lomas, Palomas, y Palomitas" will be taking part in this years Border Biennal! Tijuana to Brownsville: Contemporary Art along the Border. Presented by Smart at the El Paso Museum of Art & concurrently at the Museo de Arte in Cd. Juarez. Please join us on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 in the afternoon for the official opening of the exhibit. Ends August 18, 2013.

Here with dear friend & collector Cheech Marin in front of "Lomas, Palomas, y Palomitas" in 2012.

Thomas Paul Fine Art a very special evening! Jan 5. 2013 by WERC

Starting off the year right with Thomas Paul Fine Art & Cheech Marin! Come out to check out this beautiful exhibition curated by Thomas Paul & Cheech Marin, I will be along great company with @Carlos Don Juan @Benito Huerta & Ricardo Ruiz.

08 • 04 • 12 + MythoGraff @ Crewest Gallery LA by WERC

It is a true honor & great pleasure to announce my first solo exhibition happening at Crewest gallery in Los Angeles, CA. Opening reception Aug. 4, 2012 8 pm! Crewest has been at the forefront of showcasing works by graffiti writers, & has been ahead of the game in establishing this type of platform for graffiti art.

MYTHOGRAFF is the collection of myths. Werc's first solo show in Los Angeles, MYTHOGRAFF presents a continous exploration of myth culture, consumerism, rituals, archetypal language and design. Werc has been spraying for 20 years and has grown in a journey with the medium by exploring, and deconstructing the spray paint to reinvent his own practice. Traditionally in spray-painting it is all about "can control," by creating artwork that is precise, defined, and clean. This is evident in Werc's "Axis Mundi" series, where he pushes the boundaries of the medium by creating photo-realistic portraits. Through his exploration of refined definition, Werc explores the opposite spectrum of control. In the "Ojo de Dios" series Werc frees himself & the medium with a loose and unrefined spraying technique, where he allows the spraypaint to speak its natural language. Created with minimal immediate spray-paint strokes, the pieces are raw perceptual renditions refined by the eye of the viewer, not the medium. The show will also feature Werc's classic style of multimedia collage, where he playfully re-appropriates commonly consumed logos to create new associations. In all of Werc's pieces there is a sense of magical realism, a hybrid existence of reality where there is a balance between the material world co-existing with the elements of the ethereal.


Werc was born in Ciudad Juarez, Ch. MX., and grew up in El Paso TX. Werc paints, collages and designs based on inspirations that come from urban & border culture, broad issues of labor, logos, symbols, and the nostalgic humor among immigrant cultures. He is specifically inspired by  the creative informal economies of street vendors, and the archetypal language of design. In his paintings, he explores aspects of duality and the politics of identity, hunting and gathering documentation & found objects that later become part of his creations. Werc's murals can be seen around southern California, and throughout the United States and Mexico. His studio-based works have been exhibited in numerous galleries, the Snite Museum, Museum of Monterrey, and are part of the Cheech Marin Chicano Art Collection.

Art Hamptons by WERC

I will be exhibiting a few works at the ArtHamptons Fair in the Thomas Paul Fine Art - Supported by Cheech Marin - Booth! Visit TPaulFineArt.com for more."Ya Ves, Se Habla E.S.P", "Toca El Pito", & "Lomas, Palomas, y Palomitas" will be there! These are must see in person, otherwise click on image for large preview.