Nature Within by WERC ALVAREZ

Nature Within

Nature Within

"Nature Within" 2016 mural for the Open Society Foundations in Brooklyn NYC 2016. Check out this article for more info.  about this mural project. 



Art Hamptons by WERC

I will be exhibiting a few works at the ArtHamptons Fair in the Thomas Paul Fine Art - Supported by Cheech Marin - Booth! Visit TPaulFineArt.com for more."Ya Ves, Se Habla E.S.P", "Toca El Pito", & "Lomas, Palomas, y Palomitas" will be there! These are must see in person, otherwise click on image for large preview.

Spirit Man Prints by WERC

I am releasing this super small edition of 20 prints, available thru ltl. monster. Don't miss out there's only a few left! "Werc is at the forefront of the new generation of Chicano painters. "Spirit Man" displays great technique and mysterious meaning and leaves it open as to what that meaning is, the hallmark of great art. He is one to watch."- Cheech Marin

Get the full details over at ltl. Monster.