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Nature Within by WERC ALVAREZ

Nature Within

Nature Within

"Nature Within" 2016 mural for the Open Society Foundations in Brooklyn NYC 2016. Check out this article for more info.  about this mural project.


WERC + FUSION on Street Art rEvolution by WERC

"Nobody likes being labeled, especially not artists. So use the term “street art” or “graffiti artist” with care (a new term being thrown around is “independent public art”), most artists will have some sort of qualm with the terms or not identify with them at all. Call it what you like, but it is undeniable that there are some true artists working on the street and they are becoming the art world’s rock stars." Elisa-Rodriguez Villa Check out this article on FUSION click here!!: Art Basel Miami Beach WERC


Our friend Andie organized our next wall in Downtown, Santa Ana CA! We painted live right in the heart of the OC during the immigration is beautiful project by Favianna Rodriguez held at the plaza next to our wall and during the 5 de Mayo celebration that was outta control! Yoshi Theater also had a couple of cool concerts happening! All around great vibes, good food, and sweet people. Much love to Andie, Ryan, D, Rosa, Jack&Jessica, and the rest of the good folks who came by to say hi and support. "Conception Of IMIX" 70' x 30' mixed media mural on primed stucco. See it XL by clicking on image.