La vs War


Just wrapped up this wall in LA with the Yo! Peace Crew and Gera. "LA Madre vs War". Keep an eye out for more coming from the Yo!Peace Crew and the LA vs WAR exhibit.

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Peace mural by Werc + Gera + Contra + JC. ©2011. In conjunction with LA Vs. WAR, Iraq Veterans Against the War & Yo! Peace. Special thanks to Crewest Gallery, Estée Ochoa, Jesse Benicio, Christopher Wallace, Eyerie Z, & The Vortex crew. Statement from the artists: This wall is inspired by healing the archetype of war with the nurturance of love. The woman in the composition is Mother Earth. Her energy comes from the universe, and her healing power comes from source. She loves all her children, the light-workers and the dark-workers. She is holding one of her children, a metal, military man who is a representation of war. She loves him without judgment. In her arms of healing love, he passes along with the times of war and destruction, bringing in a new time of color and light.