Meeting of Styles Tribute x Folklore Festival by WERC

Here is a composite of the final mural before construction is finalized. On this wall artists from left 2 right: Case, Dado, Peeta, Totem, Made, Prisco, Ksm, Puppet, PixelJuice, Alien, Vyal, Werc, ManOne, Loomit. 2012

Meeting of Styles Wall Monument pt. 1 by WERC

Took part in this great event held at the Schlactoff in Wiesbaden, Germany. 2012. For more look here: Folklore Festival or on Facebook here: FB. Many thanks to Manuel and all the organizers, Schlactoff/Kontext workers. This mural was conceptualized on site together with:

VYAL, MANONE, WERC West Coast Artists (Los Angeles, Chuco) MADE & PEETA ( Padova) LOOMIT (München) TASSO ( Meerane) ECB (Koblenz) MR PUPPET(Sweden) ALIEN, JUST (Venezuela) ADO(Italy) TOTEM(Atlanta, USA) PRISCO(PR) XA(SWEDEN) RZM(Germany)

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Conceptualizing begins.....

Rock'n Rolln



con el VYAL

At the Schlactoff